Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Deck!

What?  Two posts in one day! I'm getting pretty crazy huh?

I wanted to post this before the baby comes and I forget all about it. 

If you've been to our house before you know that the previous owners had a hot tub complete with a deck built around the hot tub.  When they moved they took the hot tub and guess what....we didn't buy one to replace it.  Surprise, surprise.  :) 

Well the deck was in pretty bad shape for many reasons other then the entire west side of it was left open, paint was chipping (which you know who would love to eat, sick) and rails were falling off.  It needed some help.

Because we don't really have a "safe" drive way for kiddos to ride bikes, draw with chalk, shoot baskets, etc due to the high traffic on our street John and I thought it would be great to tear out the old deck, build a smaller deck and replace most of the area with a concrete patio. 

We couldn't be happier!  Sloane has a great place to ride her bike in circles and bounce balls all she wants!

There is still some landscaping to do and the lumber on the left obviously will go but I couldn't wait any longer to share the pictures!  

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