Thursday, October 27, 2011

We're Pregnant!

If you haven't already heard the news (or read the post title).... I'm pregnant!  And yes, that's my excuse for taking a small vacation from updating the blog.  :)  After a few rough weeks in the beginning I'm feeling great!  We're due April 26, which makes me 15 weeks prego- I'll save you from doing the math in your head.

Sloane seems to be pretty excited about it too.  She thinks the baby is in my "button" (belly button- close enough right?) and it's always sleeping :)  She loves to say, "Shhhhhh, the baby's sleeping in there, don't wake the baby."  She's going to be a great older sibling.

Again, I feel like everyone else is pregnant too which is great- more friends for Sloane and more mom's for me to troubleshoot with!  I'm sure it's just our age but John and I have close friends/family that are due every month from now until May!  Babies, babies, babies!

I can't even begin to tell you how excited John and I are to have another shot at the baby stage.  Ask either one of us and we'll tell you babies (under 12 mths) are just not that fun.  We'd much rather have a running, talking, even sometimes kicking and screaming toddler then a baby.  But now that we're in Des Moines, closer to friends, family, entertainment, the gym, multiple babysitters, and equipped with much more knowledge I think we might be able to enjoy the early months this time around and dare I say it.....relax a little bit and have fun!

Stay tuned-- Halloween pics to come soon!