Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Potty Training Houdini

First off I don't think I told everyone ....we're having a BOY!!!!!  John and I are so very, very excited!  It's hard to believe we only have a little over three months to go! 

Because we're so close to baby time we thought it would be a good idea to get Sloane started on potty training while still allowing ourselves a few months to prefect it.

I don't know what impressions other first times mom had about potty training but everyone I knew told me it took their kid like three days (if that) to get the hang of it.  Other then it should take three days and let Sloane run around naked we didn't really have any idea of what to expect.

We're now on day 10 of no diapers (expect at nap and bedtime) and doing well!  In fact we took our first start to finish poop in the toilet today....sorry if that's TMI :)  Of course we've had our ups and downs.  I was about ready to throw in the towel on day three when someone told me to give her a little bit longer to catch on.  Thank you whoever told me that....

We give her a treat every time she has a "hit" on the potty.  It started out as three m&m's then moved to a Hershey kiss then Skittles next to chocolate covered raisins and now we're on to gummy lifesavers.  We had to stop the chocolate mainly because John and I kept grabbed a handful whenever she got one too.  Not a good habit to get into :) 

Aside from a few accidents here and there we're doing well.  The only big problem we're working out now....she somehow can get out of her pajamas and nap and bedtime.  If you remember way back I posted this about Sloane taking her clothes off all the time.  We tried backwards diapers, layers and layers of difficult clothes, taping her diaper on and finally settled on footless pajamas on backwards- meaning the zipper is in the back.  This genius idea has worked for almost a year... until now.  You know it's not good when you walk upstairs to go to bed and see a diaper and pajamas thrown over the gate.

John came up with another genius idea in hopes to keep her fully clothed at bedtime. 

If you look really close you can see that he snipped the "handle" of the zipper off.  The only way I could get it down to put it on her was to bend a paper clip back through.  If she can get out of this she's talented. 

Wish us luck!