Thursday, May 10, 2012

He's here!

He's finally here- Adler John was born Friday May 4 at 1:15 in the afternoon!  After going a week overdue John and I (along with our doctors) decided it was time to be induced. 

We went in Friday morning and got things rolling right away- water broke, pitocin (to get contractions started) pumping by 8:30.  I'll spare you the gross details but around noon I started to get pretty uncomfortable with the pain and was only dilated to a 3 so I decided to get an epidural to make myself comfortable.  The nurse came in and checked me again right before the anesthesiologist entered and I was a 5.  While I was happy to make progress I was in quite a bit of pain by this point.  Fast forward 30 minutes later (1pm) the poor anesthesiologist still hadn't gotten the epidural in (probably because I couldn't sit still) and I felt like I needed to push!  The nurse checked me again- fully dialted and I quote, "He's right there."- referring to Adler's head...

All I could think was, "Nooooooo, this is not happening!  I wanted the epidural!  I'm just going to walk out of here and go home, I'm not having him today. I don't want to do this anymore!"  I hadn't practiced breathing techniques or anything- thank God for my wonderful, wonderful nurse, Denise.  I'm pretty sure I broke her hand and as John would say taught her a few new vocabulary words. 

Because I had progressed so rapidly the on-call doctor wasn't able to make it back in time.  I remember another doctor coming in and introducing herself saying she was going to help until I couldn't wait any longer.  Of course I told her in a not so calm manner that I wasn't waiting.  Someone had to be at the end of the table because this kid was coming out!  Just as I got my feet in the stirrups another doctor from our OB group entered (in nice dress clothes no less) and told me I could push whenever I was ready- thank God!

There must have been an Angel looking out for me because three contractions worth of pushes later and he was out!  It was honestly one of the most intense situations I've ever been in and of course totally worth every second but I'm not so sure I'd do it that way again. 

Enough about me :) 

Adler is a peach!  I know, I know he's only six days old but we really can't complain. He's almost back up to his birth weight, sleeps fairly well (for a newborn) and has his dad's hearty appetite!  Sloane loves him so much.  She's always ready to give him a blanket or a toy and loves giving him hugs and kisses which just melts our hearts but we're still working on "nice, gentle touches."  Of course, she's still a handful but let's be honest- she was before Adler came along. :)  There will be growing pains and we'll have to learn how to juggle two on one but we'll get there...eventually.....right?

And let's talk about John for a minute too... He's taken the whole week off to help us get adjusted.  He's always more then willing to change a diaper, swaddle, get me water while in the middle of the night while I'm nursing or take Sloane for a walk.  He's a jack of all trades dad and husband and the three of us are so very lucky to have him.  Yes, I'm jealous.  I couldn't ask for anything more.  Annnnnddd he didn't even complain when I practically strangled him during delivery.  He's a champ.

I've taken a few pictures and will post more later but just had to get this one up.  Too sweet!



  1. Congratulations! What a handsome guy! Natural childbirth is awesome, but I'm partial :) An experience you'll always remember. Congrats again to your family of four!

  2. Congratulations Annie! He is precious, so happy he got here and you both did well :)