Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Hairy Situation

Apparently my eating habits aren't the only thing Sloane inherited from me....


Don't get me wrong, I love my hair and her hair for that matter.  But my hair takes work to get it to look a certain way...I guess her's does too :)

Like most little girls I'm sure, Sloane doesn't like to have her hair brushed (can you tell why!?) so I got into a bad, bad habit of putting it into a "messy" pony or bun.  It's so cute that way too!  See...

Well after a few days of cute but messy hair she woke up with this....

Oy.  If I had waited any longer her beautiful locks would have turned into dreads.  So, because I didn't want a little Bob Marley running around I went to target and got a new brush designed for detangling, two different types of detangler and detangling shampoo. Oh and a bag of swedish fish for her to eat while I yanked on her head.  Don't tell John :)

In the end, it was rough but we pulled through.  Never, ever, EVER again will I do that.  

And here's a lil picture of Mr. Adler.  What a love isn't he?  Seriously!  He's always happy and if he's not all I have to do is pick him up.  He's a mama's boy and I like it that way!  

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Strong Brees

John and I started another blog called "Strong Brees".  Check us out here!

We both wanted a space were we could document John's training for his IronMan race and my progress as I continue to work towards my fitness and nutrition goals.  This blog won't include any of the kiddy stuff so if you want to see pictures of Sloane and Adler keep checking back here.

Strong Brees is our place to share what we have been and will be doing for exercise on a daily basis, our meal plan, recipes and any additional fitness/race endeavors we encounter along the way.

We hope to see you over there too but of course understand that what we eat and how we exercise isn't exactly interesting to everyone. :)  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snack Wars

Just like her mother, Sloane is a "grazer".  If given the option she would snack all day long and never eat a true meal.  Recently, Sloane started this habit of yelling "snack" in a demanding, rude voice whenever she wanted something to eat.  It was kinda funny to begin with but then started to wear on both John and me.  

I came up with this great idea.  A "snack box" in the fridge.  I think I recall seeing similar ideas on Pinterest or other blogs and thought I'd give it a try.  I found a little containter we weren't using and filled it with snacks that I was comfortable with her having at anytime.  

It wasn't too long after I put it in the fridge that she wanted a snack.  I showed her the box and explained that from now on anytime she wanted a snack she could come pick one from her snack box.  She didn't have to ask mommy or daddy for permission BUT when the snacks were gone, they were gone (for the day).  She was thrilled.  She clearly didn't realize or care that the snacks in her box were healthy options.  She just wanted to pick herself.  

So... I took this photo about twenty minutes ago when I was done stocking the snack box...

This is what the snack box looks like now.  We're minus a fruit strip, two applesauces, a yogurt, a granola bar and a string cheese.  I hope this new freedom of picking a snack whenever we please wears off quickly or I may have to come up with another plan.  :)


Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hello?  Are you still there?  Does anyone still check this thing?!

So, our computer crashed about five months ago.  Totally gone.  Everything- pictures, videos, documents- All gone.  Did I have stuff backed up?  No.

Big mistake!  BIG.  HUGE!  Name the movie.......

Back up your stuff people!

Long story short, we paid lots of mulah to send our hard drive off to data recovery to get what they could from it.  The results of the recovery were pretty good although I haven't seen everything.  We made it almost half the year without a computer and just couldn't take it any longer.  We ended up with a new mac mini.  I know I'll love it eventually but we're still getting used to it.

Ok, so I have obviously tons of catching up to do on this blog but first I need your opinion. (Seriously, leave a comment!  I really want to know what you think we should do!)

Here is the deal: John has officially signed up and begun his training for an IronMan, yes an IronMan!  That's 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run.  He's crazy, I know.  And I have finally, and I really mean it this time, found what I really believe I've found my true passion in life (aside from being a wife and mother of course)  I've been teaching at the local YMCA's for almost two years and I'm just around the corner from getting my personal training certification. Both of us have really gotten serious about our workout and diets and think it would be fun and interesting to "document" our journey.

So here is the million dollar question for you: Should we include our diet and training stuff in our family blog- the daily brees or split it up into two different blogs?  I'm kinda leaning towards two different blogs because I'd rather not share our family stuff especially pictures of the kids if this fitness stuff draws in strangers. But can we really keep up two blogs?  Would people want to read two blogs about us?  I mean I don't know if we're that exciting!   

So what do you think?

I'll leave you with a little photo we had taken this fall by Christina.H.Photography