Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter, Vacation and the Backyard!

Hello, hello!  I haven't posted anything in awhile because really, not too much is new around here until Easter came and then BAM a whole bunch of exciting stuff happened around here- Easter, a family vacation, first tooth (no pictures yet...they're coming) and a new addition to our backyard.

We took a trip down to Kansas City to the Great Wolf Lodge for a few nights.  It was a blast!  Water park, arcade, kids crafts, shopping, a trip to the zoo.  We all had so much fun.  It was so nice to spend time all together and not be leaving for work/training as soon as the other one of us gets home.  I'd love to make this a tradition!  John?  Hint, hint :)

Met up with Neal (John's uncle) at Dave and Busters for Lunch 

Wiley the wolf.  He's like the "face" of the Great Wolf Lodge

See that big thing behind her?  She could climb all the way to the top and slide down herself.  

First ice cream cone for Adler.  

This guy thought he was invited to our lunch at the zoo

It's not the best picture but I wanted to be sure I remember this forever.  Adler was in bed,  and the 3 of us ordered pizza.  Sloane insisted we have a picnic on the floor and watch Brave, so we did.  Great memory.  

Hula hoopin'

Of all these cute little guys a little girl could choose to "stuff" Sloane picks the dragon :)

Her "cabinet" inside our room.

Let me tell you about our new play set.  There is a place in town called Backyard Adventures.  Sloane, Adler and I frequent there often especially in the winter months.  They sell outdoor play sets but they have their show room open during the week for kids to come and play.  It's wonderful during bad weather.  Everytime we go she sits on this "rocket rider" (on the right) and swings.  She was in love with it.  Of course John and I both would love to have such a nice play set but thought they were always too expensive.

Well one day Sloane was swinging away and she said to me, "Mommy, I'm so happy when I swing."  Ugh, how stinkin' sweet is that?  I called John and said we needed to start saving our money.  I'm not normally a "buy whatever to make them happy" type parent but this just broke my heart.  Every kid should be able to swing when they want right?  It's like your job as a child- swinging.  :)  Anyways, we had money set aside for a possible small trip John and I had thought about taking for my 30th birthday in May, combine that with a heck of a deal on last year's model and Bam!  We bought one.  Sloane even saved every coin (and dollar) she could from g'ma, g'pa and helping us around the house to contribute for her rocket rider.