Thursday, November 24, 2011


You want to know what I'm most thankful for this Thanksgiving?

These two, right here...

Seriously, try not to be jealous ;o)
Of course also on the thankful list include wonderful parents, in-laws, jobs we love, a home that's just perfect for us, and a new baby arriving in April!  And who could forget about Midas!?  While the drool does drive us both insane- he's pretty wonderful too!  

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!  Let the Christmas countdown begin! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Our first Halloween in the new neighborhood was absolutely AMAZING!  I'm not kidding when I say it was like something out of Martha Stewart magazine- the weather, tons to people, mom with their coffee's, dads with their "drinks", the leaves on the ground, every house lit was just perfect!

We spent the first hour out trick-or-treating with Sloane while my parents handed out candy.  Sloane did a pretty good job considering it was her first treat time out trick-or treating from house to house.  Of course she wanted to eat the candy before we got home.  :)  

My first costume pick for Sloane was to go as Curious George, her favorite but then I got worried people would think she's a boy.  I switched it to a pig in a blanket where I'd dress her up at a pig and give her a blanket but of course she wouldn't wear the pig nose.  And without the nose she looked like a then I found a great owl costume on Pinterest (if you not on it- get on it now- awesome, awesome stuff).  So after a few burns with the hot glue gun Sloane was ready to be the cutest owl ever! 

I asked my mom to keep count of how many kids came to our door- over 100 and all prepared with a joke and most even said "thank you"! 

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween! 

 (I realize this isn't the best shot but I wanted one to show how busy it was- lines at most houses for treats!)