Sunday, May 29, 2011

Curious Sloane

I know most parents think their kids are the greatest but ours really is.  :)  Ok, I'm only joking (kinda) but she does keep us entertained and on our toes.  It really is amazing how much and how quickly they pick up on everything you do... things you do everyday that you don't really even think they notice-- they know, she's watching you.  For instance, yesterday I caught Sloane putting on my bra and many times she's taken paper towels and wiped Midas's mouth off and it never fails- every time I pull out a chapstick or lip gloss she's standing below me making a kissey face.

This last week I had taken my debit card out of my wallet to quickly run into Target and must have just set it on the passenger seat when I got back in the car because John found it days later on the floor in the car.  He brought it into the house, laid it on the counter and told me he found it.  A few days go by and I mentioned to John that I still didn't have my debit card.  Convinced that I had left it someplace we looked around a little and then finally called the bank a week later to get a new card.  This morning John found it...

  My card was safe and sound right inside of Sloane's cash register :)  She's either really smart or she's gone shopping too much with mama... 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I took this photo of Sloane yesterday.  I'm not even sure how I got this effect.  I think I was moving the camera with her.  Anyways, I thought if I had to pick one photo that best captures Sloane's attitude, demeanor, personality whatever you want to call it- this would be it. 

She's a whirlwind of constant movement, curiosity and enjoyment all wrapped up into one little sweet package.  And although most days I feel like my head is spinning by the time John comes home I wouldn't change a thing. 

Happy Mother's day! 


Monday, May 2, 2011

Kitchen Before & After

It's not completely done but good enough to show you a picture.  I'm pretty please with our work considering we did it 100% ourselves and only had to ask the home depot staff and Jesse (our good friend and contractor) only a few questions.  :)   plz. note-- this is not the finished product- I realize I have light plates and decor and much more to work on.  And no, the bottom cabinet are not a different color- it's just the lighting :)


I'm afraid I've created a monster....

I hope I'm not alone here but... I often "yell" for John.  For example, I'm upstairs and he's downstairs and I need him to bring me something (b.c my legs are "broken" and I can't do it myself) or he's out in the yard and I need him to come inside to look at something on the computer- very important stuff here.  Anyways, it's always the same tone and pitch.  I'd like to think it's a short, sweet, filled with affection, "John?".  John would probably tell you it's an annoying, nagging, shrill.  :)

Well, it never really occurred to me how many times a day holler at him until I was carrying Sloane on my hip and were were standing on the deck waiting for John to come home.  She spotted him and yelled in the exact same pitch and tone that I do.... "JOHN"! 

While I've seen her give expressions or have mannerisms that remind me of either John or myself I've never heard her sound like either one of us until yesterday.  She sounded exactly like I did.  I thought it was hilarious.  John did not. 

If you've seen the movie Wedding Crashers you might be familiar with Will Farrell's line, "Mom!  I want some meatloaf."   I'm embarrassed to say that I might sound strikingly similar to that at times but it didn't top last night when John had strapped Sloane in her seat and while waiting for dinner she yelled, "JOHN!" Clear as day from the dining room. 

Ohhhhh I love that girl.  She's one of a kind.