Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm crazy!

Again, I've been a little slow to blog about our exciting Summer and now it's September!  (I think my last post started out very similar hmmmm). 

Everyday honestly keeps getting more and more fun with Sloane.  She talks, sings, giggles, and of course still cries from time to time but some of the things she says and does just amazes me.  So..... if you haven't had the privilege to see Sloane in awhile I've come up with the top ten thing she does that crack us up.  Enjoy!

10. A hug always comes with a kiss....on the lips.  Even if she barely knows the person.
9.  Every morning she asks for some coffee (my luke warm, heavy on the cream and sugar version of coffee) with a spoon.  (I wish I was joking about this)
8.  She'll shake her head back and forth yelling, "I'm crazy!"
7.  She finds every blanket in the house (including towels) put them on the floor in our bedroom and jump from our bed to the floor over and over again.  I've given up on making beds. 
6.  Every color is green.  Next guess?  Yellow.  Always
7. She can hear a fire truck a mile away and when she does she'll come running to you to see it.
6. She thinks fire hydrants that are two colors are wearing a "hat"
5.  If you leave your wallet and/or money laying around it will end up in her "cash register".  Sounds vaguely similar to her father....
4.  Hold up an outfit and ask her what she thinks, "Cuuuute." is always the answer.  Sounds vaguely like her mother :) 
3.  She knows our neighbors by the names of the dogs that live in them
2.  Some how magically waits to pass gas until she's naked in the tub and then laughs and says, "I tooted"
1.  When she figures out something all by her self she yells, "Yay!  I did it!"

Gosh, I love her!  Don't you?