Wednesday, March 14, 2012

February and March in Review

You know what's funny?  I follow multiple (and by multiple I mean at least 15) blogs a day- it's what I do with my free time since I quit facebook, and I often get annoyed when the blogs I follow don't have new posts everyday day yet I can't seem to update our once a month even!  My apologies to our followers (g'ma and g'pa)!

So how about a quick update.... 6 weeks left til baby #2 arrives.  At least it better be 6 weeks- we still have some projects left to finish.  Is the to-do list ever wiped clean for homeowners and parents?  I'm feeling great and can't complain especially with the weather we've been having!  Sloane and I have missed being outdoors.  She's so happy to be outside and if Sloane's happy, mama's happy!  I sit on the steps and read a magazine and she makes "pancakes" for me out of sand, sticks and dirt.  That's true love.

As our due date gets closer I am getting more and more excited but I do feel a little sad that it won't be just me and Sloane anymore (and John too but you know what I mean).  I feel like she's my little partner in crime, my buddy.  My buddy that I occasionally have to put in time out :)  I know my other mom friends have told me differently but I just can't imagine that I can love a child more then I love her.  We put her to bed and by morning I miss her!  Don't get me wrong- she pushes our buttons and makes us want to pull our hair out at times but she's a great little girl and I know she'll make a great big sister.

So to "celebrate" Sloane (before the baby comes and is the new center of attention) I've put together another top ten list of things we love about Sloane.

10. Hugs still come with a kiss on the lips...even for strangers
9.  She says "hi" to just about everyone we meet on the street or in the store and then tells us she said "hi" to them- like we didn't hear her.
8.  She pronounces knife like Ife.  I guess she already knows the "k" is silent :)
7.  We've lived in our house almost a year and every time she hears a fire truck siren she runs to the window to see never gets old.
6.  Anytime John or I say "ow" she asks in the most sincere voice, "You ok?"
5.  Anytime she falls down and we ask her if she's ok she says, "No, I ok".
4.  She thinks you can feed the baby through my belly button.
3.  Anytime I wear anything other then sweats she asks if I'm going to work.  (Sad, but true) Consequently, the same thing happens anytime John puts on a button down dress shirt.
2.  She thinks farts are funny.  I know one day we'll regret encouraging her but at this age- it's funny.
1.  Her smile!  I think we've made it past the horrible close your eyes and grind your teeth smile and have graduated to a rather nice smile that works (most of the time) on command!

Here a few pictures from the past couple months.... Enjoy!

At kidsfest in the police car
 At the YMCA family night carnival
   What happens when mom thinks we can make it all the way around Grey's lake
(We got exactly half way around and we "didn't want to ride our bike anymore" -there aren't exactly any shortcuts across the lake..oops)