Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Dentist

Last week I took Sloane to the dentist for the first time.  I know they to have your first check-up at a year old but hey, better late then never right?

Really the reason I wanted her to see a dentist is because Sloane loves to brush and floss her teeth!  She would do it every time we were in the bathroom if we let her.  I was curious to know if a toddler really needs to floss her teeth and if using the same toothpaste we use was safe for her. 

I convinced John that we needed to see a pediatric dentist (as opposed to our adult dentist) and boy was it worth it.  They had computer games in the waiting room, a movie to watch if she wanted while they cleaned her teeth and everyone has plenty of tricks up their sleeves to keep Sloane entertained while they inspected her mouth. 

She was a peach and loved every minute of it.  They let her touch all the instruments and gave her drinks of water from that little thing that squirts water and "vacuumed" our her mouth with that suction thing.  She had so much fun.

While she was well behaved the doctor did find a "sticky" spot on a tooth that he thought if we let go would become a cavity!  Seriously?!?!  A CAVITY????  She's not even three!  I asked if it was her diet or hygiene and he said her hygiene looks great but a lot of kids her age get candy stuck in their back teeth that even brushing can't get out.  He specifically mentioned suckers and gummy candies.  Hmmmmmm.....  well, if you know us you know that we constantly have suckers on us (they can buy us at least 10 minutes of time at the store) and we've used life saver gummies for potty training for the past three months.  Oops.

I left the dentist, went to the store and bought a bag of m&m's to replace the far as her teeth are concerned that's an upgrade right?  :)   

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