Saturday, May 19, 2012


I have to be honest....I've been kinda tough on Sloane these past two weeks.  As I've told many people- she loves Adler, hates us.  Undesirable behaviors (i.e. running away, throwing toys, etc) that didn't seem  much of an issue before Adler now seem to be a huge deal and thanks in part to lack of sleep and patience I haven't always dealt with them in an acceptable adult like manner.  Translation- I yell at her, feel bad about yelling and then cry about it.

Now with one week under my belt of just the three of us at home alone I think Sloane and I are coming to a mutual understanding of one another.  I've relaxed a little, after all she is only a toddler adjusting to some huge life changes and she's started following directions much better.  Give a little, take a little right?

Anyways, we were outside yesterday (with the camera of course) and I snapped this picture of Sloane and thought to myself, "My God, she's not a baby anymore." **Thanks to raging hormones I'm fighting tears just writing this-- what happened to me?!  She really is a little girl, make that beautiful little girl.  She hears everything you say, remembers everything you say and despite being a little turd a lot of the time she has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know. 

And just for the record no matter how old or big she gets she'll always be my peanut. :)   

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