Monday, February 11, 2013

Girls Afternoon Out

Last weekend Sloane and I took a little "girls only" trip to the Science Center of Iowa to see Sue, their new T. Rex cast skeleton now on display and let me tell was AHHHH.may.ZING!

Despite being members I had not taken Sloane to the Science Center in over a year.  The last time we went I remember thinking she was too old of the "kiddy" stuff and too young for the "big kid" stuff.  This time around was perfect!  There was so much for her to explore, touch, feel, create, throw, build....I even had fun.  Why did I wait so long to go back?  We spent two hours there and only left because it was closing time.  

Our first stop was digging in the pit for fossils.  This box was filled with recycled tires, goggles, brushes and pails to help you dig for treasures.  

Next stop was upstairs where you could build your own rocket and then launch it.  Sloane and I are amateurs.  Neither of us had built a rocket before but I must say, we were both very pleased with the results!

 The look on her face after she launched it was just priceless.

After rockets, race cars and bubbles we watched looked at the sun, moon and stars in their galaxy dome.  Last time we went she was too scared to lay down in the dark.  This time was much different- I was afraid I was going to lose her!  We laid down in the center and watched one of their little five minute movies on a solar eclipse.  She loved it.

By the time we were done it was almost five and we were both hungry.  I took her all the way out to West Des Moines to the new Scratch Bakery .  Everyone has been ranting and raving about this cupcake shop that just came to DSM so of course we needed to check it out.  We got there and were 27 in line.  She waited as well as a 3 year old in a cupcake shop could.  It was $2 of pure happiness.

We had a wonderful time.  It was a good reminder how fun and necessary it is to spend time with her one on one.  My next "date" idea is already in the works but this time I'm sure it will be a fight between John and I to see who gets to take her! :) 

Have a great week everyone!  

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  1. Once you have two, it seems so hard to get one on one time. But like you said, so necessary and so special for them and us! Looks like a blast :)