Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Hairy Situation

Apparently my eating habits aren't the only thing Sloane inherited from me....


Don't get me wrong, I love my hair and her hair for that matter.  But my hair takes work to get it to look a certain way...I guess her's does too :)

Like most little girls I'm sure, Sloane doesn't like to have her hair brushed (can you tell why!?) so I got into a bad, bad habit of putting it into a "messy" pony or bun.  It's so cute that way too!  See...

Well after a few days of cute but messy hair she woke up with this....

Oy.  If I had waited any longer her beautiful locks would have turned into dreads.  So, because I didn't want a little Bob Marley running around I went to target and got a new brush designed for detangling, two different types of detangler and detangling shampoo. Oh and a bag of swedish fish for her to eat while I yanked on her head.  Don't tell John :)

In the end, it was rough but we pulled through.  Never, ever, EVER again will I do that.  

And here's a lil picture of Mr. Adler.  What a love isn't he?  Seriously!  He's always happy and if he's not all I have to do is pick him up.  He's a mama's boy and I like it that way!  

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