Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm Calling the Police!

I knew this day would come.... I just thought if I didn't talk about it then it wouldn't happen right.  It did.  It's begun....

Sloane can and WILL unbuckle her own car seat.  Uggggghhhhhh.

So far I've tried yelling...which is kinda forced and I think she knows that.  I'm not "mad", I'm concerned for her safety so yelling doesn't really fit the crime. I would do it if it worked but it's not working. 

We've both tried pulling the car over (which will continue to do every time until we figure out a way to solve it).

I've tried "slapping" her hands.  She laughs at me which then makes me want to pop her cheek but of course I wouldn't do.

I've looked and looked online for something to cover the buckle (it's the one that goes across the chest) and I can't find anything!  Yes, I know about safety pins, zip ties, etc but I've also read that those can keep the car seat straps from functioning properly in the event of a crash and it's additional equipment that a EMT (GOD FORBID) needs to remove.

Sooooo before I go turning her car seat into a straight jacket we're going to take a trip to the police station.  I'm partly going in for a car seat check but I've also requested that a man in uniform has a little "chit chat" with Sloane.

I know these two things about Sloane.... she loves police cars and she always seems to behave better for strangers then her own loving, caring, sit with you in time out for 15 minutes without losing their cool until you say your sorry parents.

Pray this works.

Stay tuned to find out what happens..... 

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