Sunday, May 29, 2011

Curious Sloane

I know most parents think their kids are the greatest but ours really is.  :)  Ok, I'm only joking (kinda) but she does keep us entertained and on our toes.  It really is amazing how much and how quickly they pick up on everything you do... things you do everyday that you don't really even think they notice-- they know, she's watching you.  For instance, yesterday I caught Sloane putting on my bra and many times she's taken paper towels and wiped Midas's mouth off and it never fails- every time I pull out a chapstick or lip gloss she's standing below me making a kissey face.

This last week I had taken my debit card out of my wallet to quickly run into Target and must have just set it on the passenger seat when I got back in the car because John found it days later on the floor in the car.  He brought it into the house, laid it on the counter and told me he found it.  A few days go by and I mentioned to John that I still didn't have my debit card.  Convinced that I had left it someplace we looked around a little and then finally called the bank a week later to get a new card.  This morning John found it...

  My card was safe and sound right inside of Sloane's cash register :)  She's either really smart or she's gone shopping too much with mama... 

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