Monday, March 28, 2011

Sloane's Straight Jacket

If John and I had a dollar every time we did one of the following we'd be RICH
1. Found Sloane un-snapping her onesie
2. Found Sloane naked
3. Found Sloane naked in her bed after nap time
4. Found Sloane naked in her bed in the morning

So... you get the point.  Sloane likes to be naked and as cute as I think her little tushy is John and I are sick of constantly changing her soaked clothes and or sheets.  Short of duct taping her diaper on (which we have seriously considered) we've tried everything.

It took her about ten minutes to figure out how to take off a backwards diaper off and maybe a couple weeks how to un-snap her onesies.  We've even done a diaper, then a pull up diaper over then a onesie and she manages to still stretch them so far they leak. 

Her best trick so far might be running to the bathroom and yelling "poop".  I fell for it a few times but it turns out it's just a fun game for her to sit naked on the toilet and flush it. 

I think I may have nailed it this time though.  If she can get out of this I'm driving to the nearest talented and gifted center for 20 month-olds and enrolling her ASAP!


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  1. Such a funny post! Kids are so hilarious...and different! I don't think it has ever even crossed Wes' mind that he could take his own clothes off. Wes is a big fan of the flushing game too though, I'm praying it helps with potty training soon :)