Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bad Luck of the Partially Irish

If you know Sloane you know she's no dummy.  She's never one to be tricked into playing with toy cell phones, car keys, or television remotes.  She has to have the real thing.  And yes, she knows the difference.  John and I have gotten in to a terrible habit of giving her our phones, keys, remotes, etc to play with and until today have only run into problems like she'll accidentally calling your boss or DVR something on the home shopping network.

Today was a different story. I was putting her in her car seat in the parking lot of the YMCA this morning.  She had the car keys in her hand and it was causing some difficulty buckling her in so I took them from her, threw them in the front seat of the car, buckled her in, closed the door, grabbed the drivers door handle and ......IT'S LOCKED!!!!!!!!!!  Every single door- LOCKED!!!! 

All I could think of was that OnStar commercial where the crying mother calls and says, "I've locked my baby in the car."  Did I really just do this?  I had nothing on me- no wallet, no phone, no ID, no idea what the number to OnStar was even if we did have OnStar and of course Sloane was sobbing.

Thankfully a nice women leaving the Y (with two kids) called her husband at work to get the number to OnStar then let me use her phone to call.  Thankfully we had a free 6 month subscription to OnStar with our new car, thankfully they were able to unlock my doors in a matter of minutes and thankfully the lady was prepared (unlike me) with milk and snacks for her kids so they didn't mind waiting either.  I told her she was going to have very good luck today for her kindness.  

To top it off- Midas pooped in the house while we were gone.

Lessons learned today
1. Find Sloane a new pair of keys to play with
2. Keep OnStar subscription
3. Don't leave phone in the car...just in case...
4. When Midas whines to go out and you think he just wants attention let him out anyway. 

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