Saturday, August 21, 2010


Last weekend John and I traveled to Minneapolis so I could compete in my first triathlon!

I opted for a short distance than John's triathlon, as running is not my forte! I swam 500 meters, biked 15 miles and ran 3.1 miles. I knew starting the race that I could do all three of these as separate events, but was concerned that I wouldn't be able to do them back to back.

I got off to a rocky start in the swim. I tried to keep up with the "big dogs" and got gassed early.
Thankfully, I was able to make up some time on the bike and finished the run sloooowly, but I did not stop, and did not walk!

John and I figured if I did well in all three legs, I could finish around 2 hours. I finished in 2:01:23! I was pretty happy. I had a great experience. My good friends in Minnesota, Christine and Neil came to cheer me on, and of course John was there encouraging me too.

And...I have to throw this in too....after the race we grabbed some lunch and spent another 6 hours SHOPPING! It's amazing what fatigue and soreness I will work through just to go shopping :). John was a good sport about it!

Sadly, I think the triathlon season is about over for the mid-west but John is going to get one more race in this season in Waterloo on September 26! I think we're hooked!

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