Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Have a New Kid By Friday: Day 2 & 3

As I wrote about in my last post, John and I started implementing some new discipline techniques with Sloane on Friday and I have to say by Saturday we were already seeing some improvement!  We took the divide and conquer approach to errands- John took Sloane and I took Adler.  John said she was "as good as one could expect a toddler to be" at the bike shop.

Of course we did still have a few meltdowns but we'd be fools to expect perfection.

One of the ideas the author suggest is only asking once.  If children don't respond then you take care of the problem for them.  The kicker is though  next time they ask for something they don't get it.  For instance, yesterday I asked Sloane to help pick up her toys and instead of nagging her to do it and then getting upset when she didn't do it I just did it myself.  About two seconds later, she wanted a popsicle and as recommended I told her we couldn't have a popsicle right now.  Of course that was followed with a million "why's" but after she realized she couldn't get a treat because she didn't help she threw a fit and wanted to spill all her toys out again just to pick them up.  :)  She gets its, it's just a matter of us staying consistent.

A problem I'm having though is taking away privileges of hers that I enjoy too.  On Sunday she wasn't following directions and I could feel myself starting to get upset when I said, "Ohhhh!  How sad!  I guess we can't go to the park this afternoon." (which we had originally planned).  As soon as I said that I thought, "Uggghhh why did I just say that!?  That was stupid, now I can't go to the park either!"  I need to stop and think before I tell her the consequences of her behavior.

 All in all I'd say we are headed in the right direction,       

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