Thursday, April 14, 2011

Elkhart Time Trials Race

Tonight I (Annie) raced in my first ever bike race- the Elkhart Time Trial.  It's a relatively flat, out and back, 12k course.  I decided that I need to post about this before the official times came out and change how I feel about the race.

While I don't know my time exactly, I know that thanks to the TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, could barely stand up at times wind it wasn't near as good as I'd like it to be. (Which is why I'm sharing this now as opposed to waiting to see what I placed) However, it's amazing to think that less then six months ago I was nervous to even attend an indoor training session with the DMOS race team and now I'm racing right along with them!  Well, some of them are passing me but I'm still out there! 

I've been really lucky to have a more than supportive husband who lets me train and compete whenever necessary as well as made a few new great teammates/friends who have taught me a ton of valuable lessons about bikes, racing and how to handle races that are less then ideal.  I've even been so inspired by my teammates that I'm planning on becoming certified to teach group spinning classes at the YMCA!

I never in a million years thought that John and I would be competing in triathlons or that I would be on a cycling race team but I'm so happy we've been able to find something to give us that competitive feeling once in awhile.  (Instead of trying to make monopoly a competitive, full contact sport)

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